DTP&Translation Translation The greatest feature of Petra Corporation is that it is professional in Middle Eastern languages such as Arabic and Persian. We have professional translators in Japan and all over the world. The professional, in-house translators and checkers of native speakers of each language can provide high-quality translations in a short period of time. Professional in multi-languages! We have an excellent record in translation from Japanese to European languages in addition to Middle Eastern languages or vice versa. We can save you time by minimizing the time you spend for checking and reduce the total cost of this operation. We can provide translation in the following languages. DTP Excellent in making Manuals and catalogues! We have manufactured a wide variety of manuals and catalogues for home electric appliances (audio equipment, TV, video camera, etc.), vehicles-related products and office equipment (copier, highly-specialized devices). In the Middle East languages, we read from right to left unlike Japanese or English, thus the layout should be reverse bilaterally. Petra Corporation is Professional in DTP in such special languages, with an efficient and knowledgeable staff. For DTP in other languages including Japanese, please contact us.


Businesscard, Catalogues, Pamphlets, etc...



Arabic HTML, CMS, establish websites in many languages